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Raven Hydraulics, LLC is here to fulfill all your hydraulic repairs and all at a reasonable and transparent price. Our success rides on the goal of providing the finest Hydraulic Repair services possible. Discover our services:

Comprehensive Inspections

At Raven Hydraulics, LLC, we are equipped and ready to perform comprehensive inspections of your equipment. Our capabilities allow for the most in-depth analysis of your parts, ensuring full knowledge and awareness, and at Raven Hydraulics, LLC, we pride ourselves with full transparency when handling your hydraulic components. From there, we give you a full breakdown of the services needed in order to assess those issues and boost your equipment’s performance. After that, you decide how you’d like to proceed with caring for your equipment. Once you approve the work needed to fix the hydraulic component problems, we get to work! 

Cylinder Repair

Rebuilding services are what set us apart from other shops. By offering the highest quality in hydraulic repair we insure your component will be operating at the highest performance possible. We can disassemble cylinders with our 33,720 FT/LBS of torque capability, inspect, then quote. Once your job is approved we hone the barrel, remove any debris, polish the gland, polish the piston, and install the highest quality seals. After reassembly, we pressure test your cylinder to OEM spec and or up to 10,000PSI – then off to paint. Now it’s working like brand new! Drop it off with the pros at Raven Hydraulics today. We know what to do.

Machine Shop

Our machine shop offers general machine work to meet the needs of our customers. By offering more than just machine work for hydraulics, we are able to assist most of our customers' needs, so they can keep it all under one roof. Raven Hydraulics, LLC has the hydraulic repair experience to help keep your hydraulics running smoothly. We offer the highest quality customer service and will treat your hydraulic components as if they were our own. Leave the shop with your components and the feeling of a brand new part. You’ll be amazed by the difference our hydraulic repair services will make!

Pump and Motor

We specialize in hydraulic repair services so you can trust that when it comes to hydraulic component repairs, there is no one better equipped to handle them than Raven Hydraulics, LLC. We have the experience and expertise necessary for repairing and rebuilding piston, vane and gear type pumps, and motors for almost any mobile or industrial application.

Our exceptional technical knowledge and full service in house capabilities, give you a flexible one-stop shop for hydraulic repairs. These capabilities make it possible to save our customers’ time and keep our prices competitive. Any time we can, we find ways to fabricate and source parts the OEM’s no longer supply or support, giving us the ability to offer support for not only current models, but obsolete models as well. Furthermore, our repair support covers most all major manufacturers of components. Contact us about your needed repair!

Hydraulic Valve Controls

Raven Hydraulics, LLC offers you a strip and quote service which includes a complete strip down of your valve, comprehensive assessment and full diagnosis, speedy assessment  to reduce critical downtime and sourcing of all parts required to complete the repair, providing you with a fully itemized quotation before any work commences.

Our extensive experience working with most major manufacturers means we have an unmatched knowledge of the majority of valves.  And, this allows us to have immediate access to spare parts should they be needed. You’re a busy person — don’t let valve control problems get in your way. Raven Hydraulics, LLC has the proper equipment and experience to locate, repair and/or replace the issue quickly and effectively. Call us to take care of your valve control needs today!

Filter Cart Rentals

The filter cart that we built and use for filtering out hydraulic and fuel systems can filter up to 16 GPM, is light and easily maneuverable around equipment. Available for daily rentals.

If you're interested in renting our filter cart, please contact us for more information.

Raven Hydraulics filter cart
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