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Tools & Tech

Raven Hydraulics, LLC stays at the forefront of the latest technology while retaining our knowledge of older obsolete components. Whether your hydraulics are old or new, we have the finest mechanic standing by to fix any problem you may have. Explore some of our capabilities:

Hydraulic Test Stand

Built exclusively for Raven Hydraulics, LLC, our hydraulic pump stand is a 20 horsepower hydraulic pump-motor group for the testing of hydraulic cylinders and components.

30K Torque Bench Table

This beast of a machine is able to accept nut sizes up to 9 inches! This hydraulically-operated ratchet is used to remove or install piston nuts and cylinder heads with a whopping 33,720 ft/lbs of torque. 

Filter Cart

Available for daily rentals, our exclusive Filter Cart was built in house for filtering out hydraulic systems and is capable of filtering fluids at 16 GPM. Light weight and easy to maneuver around different pieces of equipment. 

Filter Cart.jpg

Machine and Welding

Machining Lathe capabilities are 16"X60",SAE and Metric Thread  types. We are capable and ready to machine any various types of hydraulic component parts including but not limited too custom built cylinders and components, pins, glands, pistons, bushings and clevises. Once component parts are done machining they go to welding were they all get expertly welded together. Once cooled down off to get assembled and tested and then off to paint.

Hydraulic Component Repairs Include:

  • Cylinders - Static & dynamic testing up to 10,000 PSI, 1"-9" nut busting capability with 33,720 ft/lbs of torque

  • Valves - Directional and pressure control valves

  • Motors - Low-speed, high-torque motors and variable displacement motors

  • Pumps - Gear, vane and variable displacement pumps

  • Machine & Welding- 16"X60" SEA and Metric threading. Welding repairs and complete weld up of all jobs that need welding.

  • Accumulator- Rebuild and charging of hydraulic accumulators

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